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Hickory Enginnered Wood Flooring


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Our Features

Most Durable Hardwood Floor

Each wood floor is selected after high-quality wood and scientific design of the internal structure, to provide your customers with the best durable wood floor.

veneer grading

Top Veneer Of Rare Wood

The surface piece of the engineered wood plank is a constructed from a veneer of rare solid wood. Our expert quality selection to ensure that customers on the veneer of the natural color and natural texture demand

High-Quality Plywood

We use plywood with high density, no layering, and no cracking, and each plywood is of the same wood species and the same natural color.

Legitimate Forest Resources Veneer
engineered wood flooring structure

Custom Size

Our engineered hardwood flooring surface of precious trees, is through the purchase of logs cut into the board. We can cut the logs into strip boards or super-wide boards to meet the needs of customers for different size wood flooring.

Stable Wood Flooring Structure

The interior makeup of the engineered wood flooring gives the product it’s stability because it is constructed of 3-12+ cross-hatched layers of plywood that is pressed and glued together.

Custom parquet flooring

High-cost performance of the own-brand wood floor

Whether you are looking for the original design of wood flooring or a brand dedicated wood flooring, we can provide you with satisfactory service.

With a mature supply chain and flexible production methods, we are able to provide you with one of the most cost-effective own-brand flooring.

From material selection, wood floor shape customization, wood floor surface decoration design, even custom packaging, we can help you create custom wood floor series to meet your market.

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