As a manufacturer of high precision processing wood flooring, meet the supplies a variety of Parquet Tiles Wood Flooring, including square parquet tiles, geometric parquet, curve parquet, and parquet tiles with non-wood materials. We can customize all the popular Parquet wood flooring in the market, so that we can realize your own Design Parquet product line.

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Our Features

Add high-end wood floor aesthetic style.

Laser cutting equipment enables different materials to cut graphics, and finally collage the complete graphics of the wood floor. Let your customers can achieve custom graphics and different materials combination of noble products.

Engineered Wood Flooring with Shell inlay

Superior Design

Laser-cut wood veneer, will be in the square collage complete pattern. Finally, other materials such as shells are embedded in the reserved position. This combination of materials will set you apart from other brands.

veneer grading

Top Veneer Of Rare Wood

The surface piece of the engineered wood plank is a constructed from a veneer of rare solid wood. Our expert quality selection to ensure that customers on the veneer of the natural color and natural texture demand

multi color wood floor

Custom Colors

Our professional paint palette experts have many years of rich experience, can let your customers get the best color effect.

Custom parquet flooring

High-cost performance of the own-brand wood floor

Whether you are looking for the original design of wood flooring or a brand dedicated wood flooring, we can provide you with satisfactory service.

With a mature supply chain and flexible production methods, we are able to provide you with one of the most cost-effective own-brand flooring.

From material selection, wood floor shape customization, wood floor surface decoration design, even custom packaging, we can help you create custom wood floor series to meet your market.

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