Our wood flooring types include parquet flooring, chevron parquet flooring, and herringbone parquet flooring.

Our manufacturing capacity and material inventory can meet customers’ small or large-volume product orders.

Custom parquet wood flooring

Custom Case

Danny’s photo of wooden floor

Walnut Maple Curvilinear figure Parquet flooring mat formation

Duramagicfloor’s Design + Engineering

Flat Surface
Surface Wood Species
Walnut + Maple
UV Oil

The factory makes parquet wood floor samples.

Walnut Maple Curvilinear figure Parquet flooring

Design material area for parquet wood floor.

parquet wood floor CAD

I received the sample, this is the parquet wood floor I want, the quality is very good.The factory can be mass-produced.

Danny, Germany

Ok, we will continue to control the quality for you to complete your order.

Jerry, Sales Manager

Do You Need To Customize The Parquet Floor?

We can affordably create a 100% custom parquet wood floor design just for you. Your imagination is the only limit.

1.Special materials

Wood floors can be inlaid with metal, crystal, shell, jade, and other special materials. The advantage is color is rich, can better with integral adornment mutually combine, achieve better visual effects. Duramagicfloor is passionate about innovative products. If you have any other ideas, contact us for more options.

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  • Crystal Parquet flooring
wood species

2.Wood Species Rich

Wood species are numerous, have precious wood and common wood, natural color and natural texture has different each.

The surface piece of the conventional rectangular wood floor usually is the same wood species veneer, The surface piece of the parquet floor usually is the different wood species veneer.

Duramagicfloor can quickly and flexibly select a variety of wood species for your products with its rich expertise and years of accumulation of wood sourcing channels.

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3.Wood Floor Structure

Duramagicfloo offers 3 types of engineered hardwood floor structures, Include 3-layers of engineered hardwood floor, multilayer of engineered hardwood floor, solid hardwood floor.

So we can help you customize the surface with the structure for different thicknesses.

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engineered wood flooring structure
Measure indoor floor size


According to the indoor area size of large residential and commercial building projects, choose the right size of engineered hardwood flooring.

We offer strip floor and Wide Plank for clients with a variety of architectural projects.

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Looking for Private Label Engineered Wood Flooring To Enrich Your Wood Flooring Product ?

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